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Another great convertible piece!  Wear it as a cowl or a shawlette.  Style with shawl pins or other interesting jewelry or yarn. 


  • Size 35 Circular Needles, 32 inches long
  • 80-100 Yards of Bulky Handspun Yarn (feel free to combine multiple smaller skeins of yarn for this project)


Cast on 60 stitches; join for knitting in the round (being careful not to twist stitches)

Knit in the round using a simple elongated stitch (see video below)

Knit 22 rows. Feel free to add more rows if you want a longer cape or wider cowl.

Bind off and weave in the ends.

Block with Unicorn Fibre Rinse.  Gently pat dry, reshape and dry flat. 

Handspun Monogram

Handspun Monogram

Granny Pillow

Granny Pillow