Snowfallen Scarf

This scarf uses Homestead Wool's Wensleydale lash yarn plus a thick and thin merino wool to make a cozy scarf with lash yarn to spare! You are making this the width you want, so cast on as many stitches as you would like if you would like to wrap it several times.  This was made to be shorter, and to incorporate a pretty pewter button.   You only knit the lash yarn every few rows, but feel free to use it on more rows if you would like more drama!


  • 1.  90 yds thick and think merino (I used Aslan Trends Del Sur (Discontinued), but maybe try some handspun too!
  • 2.  25 yds.  Homestead Wool and Gift Farm Wensleydale Locks (I used less than half)
  • 3.  Size 17 circular needles, at least 24 inches long (casting on for length in this scarf)


Cast on 70 stitches with the thick and thin merino.  Work in Stockinette Stitch (knit a row, purl a row), for two rows.  On the next row (knit row) add in the lash yarn, and knit it along with the merino. 

On the next row (Purl), drop the lash yarn and continue in SS for two rows.  Repeat knitting with both yarns for the next knit row. 

Repeat this sequence until the scarf is as high as you would like it (Sample is 15 rows high) 

Bind off using Merino yarn only. 

Sew on a button, or use a shawl pin.

Block with Unicorn Fibre Rinse.  Gently pat dry, reshape and dry flat.