This scarf is an amazing way to loosely display handspun texture and can be completed in less than 10 minutes. All you need is to know how to make a crochet chain with your hands. Try using multiple strands of art yarn, or commercial yarn, into a gorgeous scarf that can also be pinned and worn as a cowl. For thinner yarns, try finger crochet for a tighter, smaller braid. 


  • 30 yards of textured handspun art yarn (yarn A)
  • 30 yards of commercial yarn (yarn B) - I used Loops and Threads Woolette in Ivory (Superbulky, boucle.  Discontinued).
  • More yarns or threads, if you want a thicker or more textured braid


Holding the ends of yarn A & yarn B together, make a slipknot.

Crochet a loose chain using your hands. Each loop of the chain should be large enough for your fist to fit through.

Continue crocheting a chain until you reach the end of the yarns. Pull the ends through the last loop to secure.

Chain the chain. Make a slipknot from the large chain of yarn you made, and crochet it with your hands into large loops until you reach the end. 

Optional: Use the remaining commercial yarn ball to make into tassels for the ends of your braid scarf.