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Yeti Wrap

Yeti Wrap

Carmen designed this wrap organically, by buying the Lash yarn first!  Her goal was to ‘look like a sheep’ and keep the integrity of the beautiful locks. Try this crochet technique that carries the precious lash yarn along the back of the wrap, and making 50 yds go a long way!


  •  50 yards Homestead Wool Lash Yarn (used here: Sheldon’s Baby Wensleydale)
  • Approximately 600 yds chunky weight yarn, smooth (not thick and thin).  I used yarn from my grandmother's stash, it is no longer available commercially. 
  • Crochet hook , size I or J
    • Note:  You only crochet with the chunky weight yarn, and are carrying the lash yarn along the back of the project


Crochet a chain stitch for 54 inches for an even number with chunky yarn


  • Chain 5 and double crochet (dc) in the 5th chain stich from the end, *chain 1, skip one, double crochet into to the next chain* repeat to the end.


  • Chain 4, turn and AT THE SAME TIME  single crochet (sc) into the chain space AND add/catch in the sc the lash yarn (main strand, and let the lash end dangle to the front of piece) .*chain 4, sc in the next chain space until the end of the row trapping the main strand of the lash yarn in each sc*.

It is imperative that you carry the lash yarn on the back side of the project only so that all the lashes are seen and can dangle.  

  • At the end of the row after the last sc, turn and slip-stitch into center of the 4 chain space catching the lash yarn. *Ch 4, SC into the next chain 4 space and repeat * until the end. (Every row is decreased when you turn giving the wrap a triangle shape)
  • This shawl was 23 rows when I ran out of the Lash yarn at one end.
  • End with a sc and break lash yarn.  Weave in ends.
  • With remaining chunky yarn, starting at top right, sc around the entire edge of the shawl and weave in ends.
  • Check lashes are all dangling.

The feel of this shawl is amazingly light yet warm. Wear it and be one with the sheep!  

Meet the Designer

I am a pathologist and veterinarian living in Madison, CT. I have been knitting and crocheting for most of my life, and I love working without a pattern.
— Carmen Booth
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