Weaving Outside the Warp

When I was sitting down next to Heather Lightbody weaving at our looms, I noticed her using a technique I hadn't tried before. She would take the yarn and, rather than passing it between all the warp threads, she would pull it to the top of her weaving - let it rest over the warp threads, and then tuck it back in-between the warp threads to secure at the end of the row.

Sometimes it would just be a thick clump of wool that she allowed the freedom outside the warp. Sometimes an embellishment. Sometimes a couple inches. Sometimes almost an entire row. This created a beautiful airy effect that really showcased some of the unique textures that art yarn provides.

You can use this technique in any weaving, using any warp, and any yarn. Simply bring your yarn up thru the warp threads, let it rest across them, and tuck it between the warp threads later on in the row.

Screenshot 2017-02-01 20.37.39.png