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Meet Aina

Aina is a cute little Lincoln cross sheep, very much in tune with our routine around here--treats treats treats! Maybe they learned that from ME?? I love treats! Specially ice cream. Lord help us if the sheep get on an ice cream kick! :0) 

She arrived from a friend’s flock when she was around 6 months old. She just turned 13 in January 2017. She is a Lincoln cross sheep with a GIANT fleece. Just for fun we’ve laid her fleece out unrolled. I am amazed she can walk by shearing day. That fleece covered most of the floor!

Aina's fleece is an adventure every shearing! She was born a black/brown with cinnamon tipped locks. She now is a very silvery ecru to honey color, with blonde highlights from the sun. I would like to know how they managed to get her to sit still at the beauty shop? It takes forever for them to put highlights in my OWN hair? I would go along to her appointments but she likes to drive to town by herself.

Her wool is soft and offers a lot of possibilities. Easy to wash/card; takes dye like a sponge and loves to felt. Spinning her fleece into yarn is also amazing. The locks are 4 to 5 inches long and can be carded for a more traditional yarn; not carded and spun lock by lock for a very dramatic yarn or used for doll hair and santa beards.

Her favorite treats are vanilla wafers. She still walks the fences with us when we are out looking for a place they can sneak out. I think she is a spy- lets the other sheep know what we found. Or didn't find! 

Aina loves all of her friends but her favorite is Speedy. I believe they have crushes on each other?

She’s developed a little arthritis during the past few years but is aging so gracefully.

I need to learn that trick from her too!

Make Clothing

Make Clothing

The Art of Making a Tapesty by Getty Museum

The Art of Making a Tapesty by Getty Museum