Cascade Scarf


  • 30-50 yards of bulky, textured, handspun yarn. For this yarn we used a "twisted" style yarn that left lengths of yarn twisted and hanging free from the skein. You could also get the same effect with a tailspun / lockspun yarn. 
  • Size 36 (or 50) straight knitting needles


Cast on 6 stitches (or less, or more)

Knit two rows

Knit one row eLONGated (see video below)

Knit two rows

Knit one row eLONGated (see video below)

Continue knitting until you are nearly out of yarn. Bind off loosely. 

Wear straight or seam the ends together for an infinity scarf (as pictured)

Block with Unicorn Fibre Rinse.  Gently pat dry, reshape and dry flat.