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7x7 Mitts

 Featured Crochet Stitch: Half Double Crochet Through The Back Loop 

Half double crochet (hdc) through the back loop (tbl) is such a versatile stitch!  It adds a ribbed look (almost a knitted look) to your piece, and is also reversible.   

My favorite project to do with this stitch is quick fingerless mitts.  They can be done with several different sizes of yarn, and only takes about 60 yds.  It is super quick- make a pair of mitts in an hour! 

7 x 7 mitts

I like to make fingerless gloves for myself and as gifts.  It takes less yarn than you think, perfect for a skein of handspun that is 70 yards or less.  For longer mitts, look for at least 100 yards (crochet can eat up your yardage).  The name comes from the dimensions- 7 inches long, and 7 inches wide, which is a nice basic length and width for most hands.  The mitts are crocheted length wise, then seamed on one side leaving room for a thumb opening.  In this stitch pattern, the mitts are substantial and ribbed, making them extra warm.  For a more delicate mitt, use a smaller yarn and hook.   


  • 60 yds of handspun yarn - I used a bulky single ply, mixed wools and silk, plus approximately 20 yds of spiral ply handspun with loops and puffs (I ran out of the bulky single and added in a bit of coordinating funky plied yarn for one mitt) 
  • Size P crochet hook (or whatever hook gives you a fabric you like).  Try not to be really loose as these will stretch with wear.  
  • Smooth worsted weight yarn or length of sari silk ribbon to seam mitts 
  • Yarn needle for seaming 

PATTERN: (Make 2) 

Crochet a chain that is 7 inches long (or however long you’d like your mitts to be).  Make the chain rather loose for ease in crocheting the first row.  

Chain 2 (turning chain; does not count as stitch).  HDC tbl across the row.   

Repeat the pattern until the mitt is 7 inches long (check to see if mitt fits around your hand- if not add another row or two).  Bind off.   

Seam the mitt using an invisible stitch (mattress or crochet together), or make it fun with a sari silk seam.  Remember to leave about an inch open for your thumb.

Block with Unicorn Fibre Rinse.  Gently pat dry, reshape and dry flat. 

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