Adrift Wall Hanging

Super textured art yarns are perfect for displaying as wall hangings, and you can find lots of inspiration for wall weavings on Pinterest. Here is a very simple wall hanging that I made with remnants of art yarns and yarns that were too bulky to use in knit or crochet. 


  • A tree branch (mine is about 3 feet long)
  • 2 Yards of Sari Silk or other Yarn for Hanging
  • 100-150 yards of various handspun and commercial yarns
  • Niddy Noddy (optional)


My wall hanging has strands of various textures of yarn that are about 3 feet long. I found it very simple to wrap the yardage I wanted from each texture on a niddy noddy and then cut into 2-yard lengths (6 feet total). Then I slip-knotted each texture on the branch - spacing the textures and contrast out along the branch to create a balanced yet freeform look. I used some sari silk yarn, coilspun yarn, boucle, various handspun textures, and some tailspun style yarn. 

You can leave the ends of your wall hanging like mine - somewhat similar but ragged. Or you can trim them so they are blunt and even across. Or you can trim them into a triangle shape with the center of your wall hanging yarns coming to a point. 

This wall hanging took me less than an hour to make and I love how it displays texture.