Contribute a Pattern

If you have a pattern or design that you'd like to contribute to THISyarn, please submit your idea to

Compensation: Patterns that are published on THISyarn are a free resource for the fiber art community. We will link your name / website / shop on your pattern to promote / advertise your business in exchange for publishing your pattern on this website. Neither Dayna nor Ashley are getting paid to maintain or write for this website. All donations are put toward website fees and marketing materials. Our goal is for THISyarn to increase yarn sales and use in the fiber arts community as a whole.

Rights & Use: Patterns published on THISyarn can & will be used to make items to sell at vending fairs and shows - due to the unique one-of-a-kind nature of the yarn being used. We want these patterns to be a resource for the fiber art community shopping for and selling one-of-a-kind handspun yarns. If you are not comfortable with this policy, we recommend you self-publish your pattern with your own guidelines.

Writing Guidelines: Please write your patterns in measurements ("cast on 4 inches" instead of "cast on 8 stitches") so that we can use them for handspun one-of-a-kind yarns around the world. Please include both metric and imperial measurements in your patterns. Please include the gauge of the yarn you used (using WPI on size 35 needles) as a reference. Please include photos of your pattern. 

Photography: If we publish your pattern, we will work it up with yarns in our stash for photography to match the branding of our site. But you will get full credit for writing the pattern on our page. For some patterns using yarns that match our branding - we may have you ship your item to Ashley for photography. It will be returned 6-8 weeks after receipt.