THISyarn is the skein of yarn you hold in your hands at the yarn store that you love but have no pattern or idea for what to make with it.  You just know that you love it and have to have it! 

Any pattern-less yarn can be THISyarn - commercial or handmade. Our focus is patterns & projects for handspun art yarns. We want to help you see you what to make with THISyarn. We hope this resource will benefit the fiber art community as a whole and increase sales for spinners, yarn shops, educators, and spinning wheel companies around the world. 

THISyarn is an online publication featuring patterns, projects, ideas, and inspiration organized into chapters of creative methods: KnittingCrochetWeaving, and Fiber Arts. Every pattern has been generously donated by artisans around the world and is under a Creative Commons License. This means you have the freedom to build upon it and use it for creating items to sell with your own handspun art yarns. 

Thank you and we hope you enjoy this resource.

Meet the Makers Behind #THISyarn

Dayna Mankowski

Editor in Chief

Dayna has been a knitter for over 20 years and a creative spinner for 10. She owns the yarn shop MADISON WOOL in Madison, CT. For years she's wanted to write a book of art yarn patterns featuring ideas from makers around the world - and after discussing her book idea with Ashley - it turned into a living, breathing creative publication called THISyarn

Ashley Martineau

Technical Mastermind

Ashley has been spinning creative yarns since 2003, and spins many plates in the Fiber Arts industry. She recently finished a series of 120 videos on her website HowToSpinYarn.com for spinning creative textures on wheels and drop spindles. It was the yarns from this series that inspired her to design the Winter 2016 collection of patterns for THISyarn

Sheryl Means

Social Media & Content Organizer

Sheryl has been playing with yarn ever since learning to crochet as a Girl Scout. She discovered art yarn while doing research for opening a yarn shop in 2005. To say she was smitten is a mild understatement. Today Sheryl is creating art with her yarn and hopes to spread the art yarn love to anyone who will listen.